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April 2

GTRS Monthly Meeting.


The GTRS meets each month on the first Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Tyrrell Park Garden Center, Beaumont, Texas.


Mike Jones will bring our program at the next regular GTRS meeting on April 2, 2015.  Mike has a great speaking voice and always has a good message.  His message on this evening will be entitled “From the Garden to the Show Tables”.


What a perfect message at the perfect time!  Mike will walk us through our gardens, tell us what to look for in using our roses in their perfect place.  He will emphasize the importance of stem size, the importance of matching or harmonizing colors, the proper places for “full” roses or those with pin-point centers, selecting Floribunda forms, etc.


He will also remind you that you don’t absolutely have to have stems from here to there to win at the show.  Short stems are perfect for floaters, rose in a picture frame, English Box, Sherry’s Arrangements, etc.

Bring your notepads.  I can’t wait. Mike.



April 18

Gulf District Rose Show

Pineville, LA


April 25

GTRS Rose Show

Tyrrell Park



May 2

San Antonio Rose Show


April 18

Gulf District Rose Show

Pineville, LA

June 11-14

ARS National Rose Show & Convention

Columbus, OH



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Date: 10 a.m. SUNDAY Oct. 18


Gardens on the tour are:

1. Wade Brown Rose Garden

2. Doug Helberg Rose Garden

3. Barbara Jetton Rose Garden

4. Ralph Cooper Rose Garden  (LUNCH WILL BE SERVED)






South Central Rose Show & Convention

 October 16-18, 2015

The Fort Smith RS along with Central AR RS will be hosting the Convention and Show this year.


The Show and most events will be held at the Executive Hotel at City Center Downtown Friday & Saturday. Sunday will be tours of four private gardens and commence with lunch at our Public Rose Garden.


Special silent auction items will be available, from live rose plants to porcelain roses to vases to arraignment books.


Put on your calendar to plan to attend this event.


Contacts are Douglas Helberg @ or Ralph Cooper @