Golden Triangle Rose Society
About Our Rose Society


The Golden Triangle Rose Society (GTRS) has a long and rich history of exceptional rose growers since its inception in 1963.  The motto for our club has always been "We grow 'em, Show 'em and Share 'em" and we continue that same philosophy today, 50 + years later.


Because the GTRS is a member of the Beaumont Council of Garden Clubs, we are able to hold our monthly meetings as well as our Spring and Fall rose shows in the beautiful Tyrrell Park Garden Center in Beaumont, Texas.  This is a lovely, large facility that sits about 100 yards from the GTRS Memorial Rose Garden which contains approximately 250 rose bushes of different varieties.  Members of the GTRS were responsible for its design and construction about 25 years ago.  Today, members of the GTRS continue to be responsible for the weekly maintenance of this public garden.


Because we have a presence in the garden regularly, we have the opportunity to have many contacts and conversations with the public about the love of growing roses!  The GTRS Memorial Garden is also a favorite of many professional photographers as well as private event coordinators.




The GTRS meets each month on the first Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Tyrrell Park Garden Center, Beaumont, Texas.

GTRS rose shows are held annually on the last Saturday of April (Spring rose show) and the first Saturday of November (Fall rose show).